Student Drivers Instructed to “Just Plug in a Portable Car Heater”!


I have a Google Alert for several portable auto heater information, since I blog around automotive equipment. I saw this news story also thought it was ridiculous enough to be worth discussing. I’ve written previously about how demanding it’s to find yourself–as a consumer–from the dilemma of using a broken or bypassed heater core. And how, obviously, a mobile car heater is NOT a ideal solution. Nevertheless, it’s fine in a pinch–just to get you until it’s time for you to decide whether to correct the heater or get a new motor vehicle.

Well, can you imagine running a forcing school and telling that your students,”Hey the furnace isn’t working–therefore merely defrost the windows using this handy plugin mobile car heater. It has great driving experience for every teenager!”sitzheizung

Ummmmm, perhaps not acceptable. I can’t help but wonder, if the rearview mirror came , perhaps the instructor could tell the 16-year-old student it’s amazing multi-tasking training to continue the rearview mirror while driving.

Or maybe providing additional coaching modules on safe texting whilst driving?

Perhaps not too surprisingly, the school shut down long after students dates back with their parents relating to this helpless mobile car heater advice.

Here’s the little blurb from the news article: it’s kind of funny–at a gloomy, shaking-my-head sort of manner.

“‘The automobiles started breaking down Frequently, sometimes the brakes went bad, awful steering, bad tires without a heat,” Prebynski Explained ” When the manager thought to purchase a portable heater and then plug it from the cigarette lighter to provide heat and told me about exactly the poor state of the cars could be good experience for the drivers, so I knew it was time for you to move.'”

While I think portable vehicle heaters are marvelous little apparatus, I can’t imagine allowing a new driver to go out in an automobile with a nonworking heater. Let alone figure out how to drive onto a car with no working defroster.

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